The Biodaily

A monthly newsstand cum journal of Biotech


The BioDaily is a biotech news and bioscience jobs portal made to impart knowledge of the latest research discoveries and provide vacancies in the field of biosciences. The site covers the recent research news articles and scientific updates happening in the field of Biotechnology. The BioDaily aims to benefit students and young scholars pursuing this field by keeping the scientific discoveries on their fingertips. Thus, making the readers, young scholars & academicians aware of the latest pathbreaking discoveries in the field of biosciences and bioengineering is what defines the BioDaily. With time, The BioDaily will also help the students by providing clear and crisp concept notes of various bioscience topics they generally find confusing. The site will also update with the scholarship positions available in the topmost universities and institutions of the world which they can utilize to pursue their higher studies and research in this field.

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